Leadership Team

All the People of St. Mark’s are the Ministers!


The Rev. Dr. Debra Bullock, Rector
(Days Off: Tuesday & Saturday)

Mr. Westley Hodges, Associate for Music Ministries

Ms. Paula Cosby, Administrative Assistant

Mr. Carter Schram, Pastoral Intern

Mr. Rudy Burke, Building Services Technician

Office Hours
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Volunteers – we call them Lay Ministers – are the backbone of St. Mark’s. The ways to be involved at St. Mark’s are countless! From arranging flowers to setting up the altar for worship, from teaching children to serving lunches, from gardening to financial planning.


The vestry is a group of parishioners who are elected by the congregation to grapple with where God is calling St. Mark’s and then to discern together how best to get there by being good stewards of the resources we have.  If you are interested in serving as a vestry member at St. Mark’s, please speak with Pastor Debra or one of the wardens to learn more about this ministry.

Rachel Easton, Sr. Warden srwarden@stmarksevanston.org
Seth Himrod, Jr. Warden jrwarden@stmarksevanston.org

Class of 2021:
Blake Chastain, Chad Goeser, Milner Seifert

Class of 2022:
Betsy Johnson, Wyvette Hoffman, Liz McElhatton

Class of 2023:
Flo Estes, Andy Howard, Matt Kirchner

To send an e-mail to the vestry, simply address your message to vestry@stmarksevanston.org. If you are trying to reach an individual, please consult the Parish Directory or contact the church office at 847-864-4806 for assistance.


Chris Schultze, Treasurer
Dick Brooks, Assistant Treasurer
Lola Himrod, Assistant to the Treasurer
Nancye Kirk, Contributions Secretary

    • Eucharistic Minister or Visitor: Pastor Debra Bullock, Rector (staff)
    • Handbell Choir: David Plank, Associate for Music Ministries (staff)
    • Lector (Sunday Reader): Pastor Debra Bullock, Rector (staff)



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