Becoming a Member of St. Mark’s

Membership in the Episcopal Church does not carry with it the formal expectations of other denominations. By canon (church law), a “member” is someone who attends services and contributes financially on a regular basis. There is not even a definition of what “regular” means!

This seemingly vague approach to membership actually reflects a wider conviction of the Episcopal Church, that of individual readiness and commitment. We each have differing levels of understanding of our relationship with God and with the community in which we worship. We respond to the call to service and fellowship at different rates and depths. In our tradition, the individual seeker decides for himself or herself what membership means, how it will be lived out, and when it is achieved.

Having said that, at St.Mark’s we welcome people from many backgrounds of faith and experiences. People are drawn to us for our traditional forms of liturgy, for our progressive social stance, and through identification and a deepening relationship with the community of believers already here.

St. Mark’s offers members pastoral care, a fulfilling worship experience, a supportive community , and the opportunity for a deeper relationship with God. This certainly isn’t the only place God is, but it’s one of them –we are a place to bear witness to God’s love and to experience that love in communion with others. We welcome all to find a spiritual home with us, and to explore what membership is here.

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